Pre-fill form from lookup

I have an organization of organizations; I have a table with each org’s details and another with each individual member’s details, and these are linked to each other. I want the members to have a self-service form for updating their info, or adding new info.

What I have in mind is that there would be a view of the org table where they could select their org, or add a new org. This would pre-fil the view with the existing details for that org, but they could change those details or add to them. There would also be a view of the members table where they could add/delete/change members.

I understand how to create a view of an existing table, but not sure how to pre-fill the info after the org is selected.

Hi Adam,

Do you have a generic version of your doc that you can share here for everyone to see your set up and make suggestions?

I’ve created a doc as an example of what a Form (section with a select list, add new org button, and detail view of a table using Layouts) would look like:

One of the key things here is making the Selectable Items of the Organization Select List Control reference the Members that are connected to the Organizations and only show Orgs that the signed in user is connected to. This is going to cut down on clutter and can be used to ensure members can only edit what they “should” be able to edit (if that’s an important security / data validation item you’d like).

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That is really helpful. I am going to noodle around with that and adapt it.

So, for my next trick, here’s what I want to do: Have a select list with a filtered list of options.

As an analogy, picture a college with departments, professors, and classes. (I’ve got tables for each of these.) Professors are attached to a department, and classes are associated with a department. Professors should be able to pick classes just from their department to show what they teach. I haven’t figured out how to populate a select list with a filtered list of departments, although I’ve been experimenting a lot.