Prevent user from deleting and changing stuff

Hi, is there a way to prevent specific users, or a group of users, from making changes to a doc?
They should still be able to add and modify the values of fields but not change or delete the layout or the formulas of the doc. The only possibilities I see is “Editor” which lets them delete and change almost everything (i.e. destroy the doc) and “Viewer” which is useless because they can do nothing. Any guidance as to where I can learn more about how to give users different permissions etc would be greatly appreciated.

Your solution is locking!

you can set permissions by the doc or page level, and choose who can and cannot unlock. Granted, locking is only available on the team plan, but its well worth the upgrade


I had the SAME issue w/the users of my Docs - they would somehow manage to turn my carefully crafted subitable reference columns into plain text columns!

Once I moved up to the Teams tier, I then had the abilities to lock aspects of the tables down and prevent accidental modifications.

My only complaint now is, I wish there was a separate setting to still allow users to resize the column widths, especially during meetings.

Now I have to go in, behind the scenes, reenable editing - adjust the column widths and lock the table down again…

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Thank you so much, Scott! That is exactly what I was looking for.
I was going crazy, thinking there surely must be a way to do this but not finding anything.
Too bad, it’s so expensive, but at least I know it’s possible.

Glad you found it! It becomes increasingly less expensive as your team grows - you could have a team of 36 people using it for just $36 a month!

That would come out to just $1 per person due to Codas doc maker billing structure.

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