Pricing Team would love to talk with you

I have been exploring Coda for several months and find it is a wonderful tool, which has evolved amazingly fast and well. I am really exited about it and hope to be using it more and more, because it is a fantastically enabling tool for someone like me who is not a computer scientist or programmer, but who loves the idea of being able to create my own tools to support my personal and team work. And I have found that Coda is just perfect for me, far better than any other tool I have tested to date.

But I am preoccupied by your pricing model, because I find it either too pricey or too limiting, depending on the pricing plan.

I manage a very small enterprise of 5 people, including myself, and my scenario for using Coda is :
1 maker/administrator (myself)
4 potential Data editors
3-10 external viewers

I have no need for Editors or Guest editors as defined in your plans, but features such as Cross-doc, Doc protection, Private folders and a Data editor role are essential for my team work. Which means that with your current pricing plans I would need to go with the Team plan to get the needed functionality, but I would pay for Editors and some other features (team packs other than Cross-doc, …) that I don’t need, there would be no simple Data editor role defined, and the price tag would be too high to justify in the long run. I would consider that a plan price of 15-20$ would be fair and sustainable for a scenario such as mine.

Moreover, for my personal use, what I would need is a Pro plan with 1 Doc Maker, no Editor, but Viewers and possibly occasional Data editors, but including Cross-doc and some form of Doc protection to be able to selectively grant access to viewers on the basis of given criteria.

I hope this can help in refining your pricing plans to better fit my and other small entrepreneurs or freelancers needs, both financially and in term of features, because I think your tool’s potential is phenomenal and it would be sad to limit its adoption on the basis of unfit pricing plans.

I am really looking forward to being able to grow with your tool.

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I’ve sent an email to this address more than a week ago, and still no answer :frowning:

I repeat my questions which I’ve already poster in another topic:

  1. Why there are unlimited doc makers and unlimited editors in free, but limited in other tiers?
  2. Github pack says that I should update manually at free tier, but there is still “Sync daily” option. Why?
  3. Locking is nice, but how can I hide some sections from viewers entirely? Many sections contain team-private information, it is not enough to just disable edit for viewers, they should not SEE information inside.
  4. What will happen to my oversized doc after Dec 1 ?
  5. Why does section count as object, even empty one? Most of my docs have structure “one section - one table”, so tables count twice and doc faster reaches limit. Do you force me to use some inelegant and messy structure (all tables in one section) with no profit for you in terms of my data consumption and calculation cost for my doc?
  6. I created a doc which I help community with. Some hints and answers to questions on this forum. A dozen of people asked me to give them editor permissions and I did. Should I now delete all these community members and lock for them ability to test my answers on their questions because of editors limit?


Consider Zoho Books, for the same price of 12 usd per month, we get 4 users, with custom user roles. But here despite paying the same amount, we are not getting any form of data security with coda, no Cross-Doc, no Section Locking, no permissions.

You can argue that both are completely different products, but we as a small business in India use this as replacement for Zoho books.
I would like to move to Pro plan from free tier, but this lack of data security, removes the piece of mind among our small team, despite our will to pay and move to pro plan.

At the very least please give us section locking in Pro plan.

I love Coda & have been using it for a while now. I fully appreciate that you need to bring-in a pricing model - you are after all a business and a business with no revenue eventually ceases to exist - and we all want you guys to be around for the long-term.
So my thoughts on the pricing model is as follows:

  • Perfectly happy to pay - indeed I want to pay
  • The idea of a Doc Maker & an Editor makes perfect sense
  • We need another level above viewer - let’s call it interactor or user. This is for button pushers / data entry people who are just adding data to columns, to the text - but they can’t edit the format or add/delete columns etc, just add data to a pre-written doc. Happy to pay for this but include some free of charge with each Doc Maker
  • Why is the Cross-Doc pack a Team only feature? This should be available in all paid plans
  • Locking/permissions - again this should be available in all paid plans. This is basic security & anybody with 2+ users might need this
  • The jump from Pro at $10 to Team at $30/m is too much. We’re a two-person company at the moment, both would create docs so 2x Team is $60/m which is too high. We currently use Clickup - which is an excellent tool - it’s $9 per user per month and includes a bunch of guest accounts that can edit/view dependent on the permission granted
  • Other than those points above I think everything is great.
  • Thanks Coda for doing a fantastic job and bringing a great product to market

After a lengthy conversation with @jaime and…one other Codan who I don’t recognize from the forums :grin: I am 100% confident that the Coda team is going to find a satisfactory solution. Unlike many other companies (large and small), they actually value their users’ input and are willing to put in the hours and sacrifice to get their product to fit their customers needs.

To those who suggested this is a bait and switch, I have to disagree. Not only have they laid out a clear plan of action to update the pricing structure asap to avoid alienating users, but they have also given our team the necessary tools and advice to make our docs function for a period of time, and haven’t left us in the cold.

To those who suggested solutions here in the forums, Coda is listening. They seem to have a grasp of EVERY idea discussed here, even very obscure ideas that no one has given :heart: to.

So, just as an encouragement to those suggesting solutions and voicing concerns, know that you’re being heard!