Problem when using POST method

Hello dear developers.
Recently, the pack i’ve developed has been failing when using the POST method, from one day to other.
I’ve tried many things, i’ve been rebuilt the pack to see if it did work for some reason, but, obviously, it didn’t work.
The error i’ve been getting is error 500, which is kind of lacking when it matters to bugfixing.
The pack i had done was meant to connect Dolibarr with Coda, which was korking fairly well, which makes me confused on why it may fail right now.
I tried to bugfix it using Postman to test it it was an error from Coda or from my Dolibarr, but Postman is making the POST work well.
Has there been any undocumentated change on the API?

Hi there! I cannot help you much with the details you have given, all I can recommend is copy pasting your code to gpt3 and see if it can help you :slight_smile:

Hi @Pedro_Jimenez - A 500 response code indicates a server error, which likely means the issue isn’t with the Pack code but the API. I’d suggest using the Pack Maker tools to look through the logs and inspect the responses from the server to see if they include any additional information you can use to troubleshoot.