Problem with CSV Import Pack

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I’ve been getting acquainted with @Bharat_Batra’s great CSV Import pack. It’s been smooth sailing for the most part. However, I’m struggling to overcome one persistent challenge and am hoping someone here might be able to help me troubleshoot.

Essentially, I am trying to use the GetCsvColumnNames( ) formula in a select column to pull in data from a CSV file. The goal is to streamline the process of mapping these columns to my Coda table. As best I can tell, I’ve set everything up correctly. However, the choices will not populate from the formula, and I’m stumped as to why that would be.

Has anyone else run into this issue?



Small update here: I’ve tested using a smaller CSV with fewer columns, and it is working fine. @Bharat_Batra do you have any guidance as to why the pack would fail in this instance and how many columns the pack can accommodate, if this is indeed the issue? The original file doesn’t have an abnormal number of columns — maybe 30. It certainly seems that this should fall within the scope of what most users would need and Coda would support.

Another update here: I’ve managed to get this working by just cleaning up my import CSV to remove unnecessary columns before importing. It’s not an ideal solution, since it requires a lot more manual work. However, it works for now. That said, now I am getting a persistent 400 error telling me that the pack failed to fetch my coda table rows from the API when I try to complete the import. I’ve tried debugging this, but haven’t found any problems with the setup.

Hey TS! I think the issue that happens here is that the pack formula runs before the file actually finishes uploading.

One way to get around this is to add a button that “refreshes” the pack formula column, or simply refreshing that column manually by right clicking it (see images)

Hope this helps - let me know how it works :slight_smile:

Also, I was playing around with a more streamlined version of this flow as well. Just published a work in progress version (it mostly works, but I think will have bugs). Perhaps this is helpful for you to use as a starting point. It guides you through the whole process of picking table, mapping columns etc. without manually having to write things in.

Try and copy that page into your doc if you’d like to use it.

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