Problems with group and sort functionality

I have two problems with group and sort functionality

  1. Copy information when use group and sort
    I can’t copy imformation when I use group and sort
    I cant even select field sum or field “авто” without copying nested data

  2. Sort by sum
    I cant sort data by filed sum
    Thanking in advance. Kind regards.


My suggestion is to work with views from the original gridview table:

  1. View-1, where you group and sort accordingly your requirements

  2. View-2, a grid view from where you can sort, filter rows and hid columns to be able to copy from.

Futhermore I recommend to create a seperate table where you calculated the sum of selected fields as in the sample:

Does this make sense,


Many thanks. I am very appreciate for your help.
Your example is very helpful, but in this case i have to choose values manually
But when i try to insert formula to get my values automatically i get somethink like this
Fornula with Sum() works fine