Product Development and Growth


Hey Coda lovers!

Check this out the new template for Product and Growth in the Coda Template Gallery :hammer_and_wrench: :muscle:

This template allows Product Managers to grow their product via discovering problems their customers and users have through the scientific process. Form hypotheses through existing quantitative data, qualitative data, and surveys. Then A/B test these ideas to see what works. In this way, your team can develop remarkable consumer insights, fueled by learnings from thousands of experiments.

A lean product development process consists of three phases:

  1. Discovery - Find real Consumer Problems
  2. Solution - Ideate, Prototype and Test
  3. Development - Experiment Ideas and see Results

For each of these phases, you will find multiple sections in this template to help you follow a lean product development process.

Find out more about this doc here below :point_down:

Feel free to share your comments and ideas for improvement :wink:



fyi hypothesis is spelled wrong. Nice doc!


Hi @Michael_Armani, I worked with @Alessandro to get his doc up in the gallery. Where do you see the spelling mistake for hypothesis? Is it in the template details or the doc itself?