Product Improvement Requirement/Dashboard

Hey Coda enthusiastic, we have an internal product for the company & often development requirement comes through multiple sources like tech support, operations team, stakeholders, customer support etc. I am looking to create a requirement repository and dashboard, this will be form based where users can enter their requirement & users will have visibility about when there tasks being prioritised. Can we built this through CODA or if there are any pre-made template available.

PS : I am new to Coda and if anyone can help me to build this it would be really helpful. Coffee/Pizza on me! :zap:

Hi @Samyak_Jain and welcome to the Coda community!

You can build almost anything in Coda if you know how.

You can take a look at the Document Gallery and see if there are templates that suit you.

I really don’t mean any harm, but I’m sorry to tell you that most likely no one will reach out to you and help you create your project in exchange for a coffee or a pizza. Coda is a very small niche and there aren’t many experts. For this reason, hourly rates are not comparable to “a coffee or a pizza”.

There is a document where you can find Coda experts.
Please take a look: Hire a Coda expert, connect with a Coda expert - Coda

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Thanks @Jannis , This was helpful! Cheers

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