Question about data from Stocks Pack

I have just started experimenting with the stocks pack, and it’s great!
When you use some of the formats like Stocks::Quotes(), what you get is a dropdown full of all kinds of useful info like sector, 52-week high, 52-week low, etc.
Is there any way to extract those individual pieces of data?
For instead, I would like to have a column for 52-week high, another column for 52-week low etc.
Is there a way to do this?
Many thanks, Gregg

Hi @Gregg_Stebben,

All of those values should project out to their own columns with a formula.

Thank you so much, Ben!

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@BenLee is there a way to adjust historic data from the stocks pack using a date control? says …

Valid values are “5y”,“2y”,“1y”,“ytd”,“6m”,“3m”,“1m”

That will give you the data for however far back you want to see, but I don’t think there is a way to say “show me 1 month from this start date to this end date”.

If you do need to filter it though to pull out various data items from that list, you can use a formula like this:

thisRow.[Historic Data].Filter(CurrentValue.Date.ToDate().Contains(Today()-1)).ClosePrice

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Thanks @BenLee!

  • “no” on using a Coda date control to filter :ok_hand:
  • “yes” on using a filter formula within the table :+1:

I updated the embedded doc [above]. Ben’s formula is the column that is highlighted in yellow

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