Question about Layout Designer

I have quick question about layout designer that we use to setup how the row should look when you expand it, for example.
I have 2 accounts, one private which i started using some time ago after using Notion for few years, where the menu looks like this:

Recently I decided i wanted to start introducing Coda into my company also, made another account tied to my business email. We started building our workflows there. But on that account layout designer looks totally different:
And also from options I only have this:

Both accounts are on Teams level, so I am a bit confused why is there this difference :thinking:

Hi @Marko_Petrovic :slight_smile:

In your “old” account you have probably asked to be part of the Forms beta, that’s why you see the new layouts of layouts manager (sorry for word game :sweat_smile: ), and in the old one not, that’s the reason :slight_smile:

If you didn’t asked for this it’s probably an incremental update that will reach every user soon or after! :slight_smile:

@Mario you might be right, that actually crossed my mind since I made the post, but wasnt sure it is the case. On my private account I am part of Forms beta, while on business I am not.

Will have to see if its still possible to get into beta as I have read that both Forms and Attachment betas are closed for sign up.

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