Questioning List of Actionable Performance Boosters

  • Filter by Checkbox Columns: Not() versus =false
    If I have a column called Active of type Checkbox. Is it more performant to write out:
    Table.Filter(Active.Not()) or Table.Filter(Active = false) I think my test said Active.Not()

  • Remove “CurrentValue” if followed by a .ColumnName, (ie CurrentValue.ColumnName to ColumnName)

  • Use WithName for any recurring formula parts (or just pull out into a column, not sure which is faster)
    WithName seems faster if used in any buttons, because it is only processed when you need it, not any time the table refreshes itself.

  • If using Today() in formulas a lot, make a canvas formula variable for it and reference it in formulas

I would love to hear more about these if anyone knows.

Same question goes for Random. Is it better to have one Random invocation and then reference that directly, or to call it separately each time?