Reaction Button not showing "empty"

I have never used the Reaction button and I just put it into a doc. I was then calling the Reaction button elsewhere to see what the results were.

I noticed that before the Reaction button was pressed the first time, it showed a name but it said it was not a proper name. (Not sure the exact wording but it was indicating the name in the column was not a proper Person type.)

So…the question is why?

Now. I did the following steps:

Created a reaction button
Pressed that button for testing
Copied that button to another page and then edited that button to have a new name.

It is highly possible the “ghost” name I was seeing had something to do with how I copied the original button and pasted it and then renamed the new button.

If I took the new button, clicked it on then clicked it off again, the row in the table where I am capturing the data went back to empty.

My assumption is the “ghost” name was due to the copy/paste creation of the buttons rather than just making a brand new button.


I’m not sure I understood what you wanted to do, but I assumed the reaction button was to get a vote/reaction.

I put a screenshot sorry for the French ^^, hoping to help you.



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Great example. I’m actually putting the button on pages then referring to the button inside a table to see which pages each person completes.

My issue is that in the table referencing the button I’m seeing “ghosts”, one name, mine, that did not click a button and an error saying it is not a proper people type.

My assumption is that I created a button, tested it by clicking and unclicking it and saw the details in the table.

Then I COPIED that button and changed it’s name. In the table where the new copied button is, I see my name but not as a proper people but just as text.

So I’m thinking that is showing up because of copying the button and pasting it and renaming it. Somehow the previous click of the button before it was copied is still pushing my name into the field.

I was just wondering if that’s true, has anyone else seen this behavior?

If I just create brand new buttons and don’t copy/paste will I get clean rows without ghosts? I haven’t tested that but my original button didn’t have the ghost name.

I figured I’d ask the question here so that if anyone else sees this in the future, they can try not copying/pasting and just creating new buttons to alleviate that phenomenon.

Does that clarify my question more?

I had a similar concern and adding the formula indicate solves my concern. I also think that copying and pasting buttons can cause errors.

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