Reaction type row values returned in unexpected format with rich valueFormat, intermittently

Given a table with a reaction type column, querying the COda API with valueFormat set to "rich" the rows of that table first gives back values like:

"{\"i-782046\":{\"name\":\"Louca Dufault\"}}"

for the reaction-type column.

However, after making changes to that column (e.g. change the emoji, then wait for the change to propagate), we then get back values in the expected format:

        "@context": "",
        "@type": "Person",
        "name": "Louca Dufault",
        "email": "***"

I think it’s the same behaviour with valueFormat set to "simple" with a different expected outcome.

Hi @loucadufault - Thanks for reporting this issue. I’m seeing the same behavior, and it certainly feels like there is a bug somewhere. Let me raise this with the engineering team.