Record Index for each Contact ID


For each Contact Id I want to create a Record Index using a formula, as shown in the manually entered column ‘Record Index (simulated)’.

I’m just not quite sure how to approach this. Any thoughts, suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.


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Hey there! Would love to help out but it looks like the doc you embedded/shared is not viewable?

Can you change settings on the doc so that “anyone with link can view”

@Scott_Collier-Weir, thanks for that. I think it should work now.

No problem!

here is your solution

Essentially, what you do is create a new list by filtering the table to only return the rows where the contact ID is the current rows contact ID

Then, you use find() to find its position in that new list. Heres a screenshot before you use find(), notice how what thisTable.filter(contactId = thisRow.contacId) creates a brand new list of rows

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Thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir, that is brilliant!

Works perfectly.

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