Referencing a table with table.url() to avoid lookup of thousands of items?

Hello there,
I have the following scenario: Control Table, different variants of a Data Table, Final Table (with formulas referencing a Data Table)

Since I have different versions of Data Table, every time I want to use a particular variant, I need to update all the formulas in Final Table which lookup at Data Table.
Solution is of course to create in Control Table a place holder for Data Table, and make all the formulas in Final Table to lookup at it instead.

My question is performance related, since Data Table could have thousands of entries, that would show up in the look up field of Control Table and in the look up field of Final Table. Isn’t this double lookup overtaxing the system?

  1. Is my concern legit?
  2. Is there any why I can use a single dataTable.url() as placeholder in Control Table, and then work out the table object back from the url in the formulas inside Final Table?

Thanks for any help

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also related:
In a button formula I can’t use this code: AddRow([my table name]) or even a lookup, because it finds a text or list of rows. It expects a table.

It’s exemplified in Section “Issue.2” of the previous doc

Dear @Andr,

Not sure if I understand what you mean, but let’s find out:

Imagine we have to select drinks, just to name some you have: Coca Cola, american coffee, herbal tea, plain water and the list is almost never ending.

When you set up a structure with dependencies you will be able to define more precise the direction.


Drink: warm or cold, non-alcoholic, alcoholic.

When I choose warm (drink) I get to choose from: coffee, tea
When I choose coffee I get to choose from: american coffee, espresso, cappuccino

And with these dependencies you can more precise define the direction and limit the size of the drop down menu’s.

Hello @Jean_Pierre_Traets, thanks for checking in.
Probably my first post was too abstract.
Let’s have a look at the reference pic: it is formula action for a button, I have several of this kind in my doc, all referencing [Catalogue].
What if I need to change the reference to another table, like [Catalogue2] instead? I’d like to avoid t to manually update every argument in every formulas.

I can’t find any toObject() formula or any evalAsCode() to evaluate strings as code (to build easily template for formulas)