Referencing properties of modifiedBy() in automation

I have an automation that updates a Slack channel when a certain column is updated.

Message looks like “[user] changed status to [status]”.

For that [user] portion, I’m trying to do:
[Step 1 Result].[Status Column].modifiedBy().Name
but the formula builder insists there’s an error with that (and it comes out undefined on Slack).

For now I’ve worked around it by adding a column called Modified By with formula [Status Column].modifiedBy() - which I can then reference in the automation as [Modified By].Name

But just wondering why calling properties of the object returned by modifiedBy() isn’t supported directly within the automation’s formula.

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Heard back from support - not possible at this time, no near-term plans to enable this functionality.

(Which I think is fine - this is a relatively random request with a low-hassle workaround)