Register Date and time with Dynamic Status Progression Button

Hello everyone,
On the Button Starter Kit that @Evan Davies kindly shared with everyone through the Coda Templates on the :clap: “Hand Off” Button section, i want to add the date when each of the statuses is reached or handed of to.
Does anyone know of a way to achieve this?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Adalberto_Santos_de_los_Santos,

I think this is what you are after. I have modified the formula for two of the date columns, but left the remainder for you to try. If you click the “To Copy Editing” button in the first row, it will update the “Date Drafting” column. If you click the button again, it will update the “Date Copy Editing” column -



Thank you very much Rohan. This worked perfectly. I think this is very useful to measure the time it takes to complete every step. It also simplifies a lot my previous method of having a checkmark and getting the modified time of that checkmark. It will reduce a lot of button columns and a lot of completed checkmark columns.
Maybe this would be useful to add on @evan 's Doc.
Here is an embed of the modified working doc if anyone need it.