Remove all calendar events from a template

I’m trying to create a template that uses the Google Calendar integration.

I don’t want the template to have all my personal events in it when someone copies the doc.

How do I ‘unsync’ the events so that it’s empty when someone first copies the template?

Hi @Connor_McCormick1 :blush: !

I’ll admit I’m absolutely nowhere with packs (and really should dig into those :innocent: ) but for the GitHub Pack there’s an option in the settings (of the pack) to disconnect ourself from the pack … which I guess should stop the syncing :woman_shrugging: … So I also guess there should be something similar for Google Calendar :woman_shrugging:

It does allow that, but then never syncs again (and that means it leaves the old rows that I want removed)

Hi Connor,

When you set up the link to Calendar, there should be an option to use the details of the user. Try that and see if it works?