Rendering Performance Issues

Hello Coda Community,

First of all, I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the design of It’s very interesting and it will bring many good things for the future I believe. However, I would like to point out that you have to consider building solutions that think in terms of the 4 V’s of Big Data. Let me explain the first challenge I have come across:

When I type more text with a section that already has a lot of texts, it becomes very slow to render text while I am typing it.

Here is a link you can copy to get the idea:

Try to rewrite the following sentence very quickly: is an ace application, but many things need to be improved. You will feel like it takes a few seconds to render.

Do you guys plan any solutions in the near future to improve performance issues?


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Hi! We’ve made a bunch of performance improvements, including an update in November and an update today: Update: Our continued commitment to performance

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I’m still having this problem as well and was wondering if there are any work arounds. I was using Coda as my main note taking app for a while, but found that since it got so slow when a page got a lot of text that it was better to move to something else specifically for notes (in this case Obsidian).

I’ve recently encountered this issue again after making a large Agile tracking doc to replace Jira and allow for my own personal customization. The Canvas column for my “Notes” on each row got slow once there was a lot of items in the database. I also encountered something similar with Canvas Columns when trying to recreate Obsidian within Coda. Even though Canvas columns for a specific row does not have a lot of text, that column in general types very slow.

Would buying more memory help? Or is there some other way to get around this? This problem is not mentioned in Improving performance | Coda Help Center so I’m not sure what to make of it

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