Request for a location column formatter

I’m starting a Coda document to collect and organize attractions within a particular region. My Upstate NY Attractions document will feature locations such as Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen, Corning Museum of Glass, etc. This document can help me prioritize and plan which attractions I might explore when visiting the area.

Each row will start with the name of the attraction, such as Niagara Falls, and have a column for the nearest significant city, such as Buffalo, NY, USA. One reason for listing an attraction along with the nearest significant city is to help group activities from a common starting point, and a nearest significant city would be a likely place to find lodging. Having a location column formatter would be very powerful. For example, I could type in a (city, state/province, country) location and Coda could incorporate geocoding to allow me to compute distances between two locations, sort by east-west, sort by north-south, provide an estimate of driving time, etc. By the way, I totally understand that simply providing a column formatter called “Location” is the trivial part, and the real work is all of the logistics behind the scenes. But I’d love to have this feature and I’m ready to start using it. Thanks!

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Yes! I would ultimately like to have a chart option be a map and actually be able to see the locations set in a column