Return List of Row Links Based on Dirty String Set

Hi all, I hate to ask simple questions but I’ve been struggling with this for a while as I’m unfamiliar with Coda lookup formulas.

I’m trying to find the links of rows based on a dirty data set of strings containing the names of each row and I cant figure out the formula.

Coming from python I know I need to search for each split string and return the associated row link, but I’m truly lost.


Edit: To hopefully clarify with a pseudo python script:

def GetRowLink(TargetTable,TargetName):
        #returns Row link if applicable in target table by target name

NameColumn = ['Name1','Name2','Name3']
RawNameList = 'Name1 Badinfo Name2'


For entry in split(RawNameList,' '):
	if entry in NameColumn:
		Link = GetRowLink(CurrentTable,entry)

Hi @Raymond_Siewert . Have you tried using this formula?

thisTable.Filter([Raw Name List].ContainsText(thisRow))

It produces a slightly different output than your “Goal Table” but I’m not sure if that’s due to my formula needing correcting or an accidental connection between the columns in your screenshot.

Let us know if that helps any.


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