Same table lookup?

Hi everyone!

Is there a way to create a kind of lookup (formatted in a select list) inside the same table from which I want to pull the data?

Thanks for your help!

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Lookup (as a column type) is done per row (given a table + column to lookup values in), not over columns per row.
I.e.: Lookup asks for a specific row, not a specific column.

If you setup your table with each agent being a row, then you can perform a Lookup on it.
You probably then want your dropdown formula to go on the outside.

The alternative is that you can do a lookup over columns by providing the values for the dropdown via a formula, but you will need to add the columns manually everytime you add or remove them:

(In your example: List(thisRow.[Agent 1], thisRow.[Agent 2], thisRow.[Agent 3]) as the Selectable Options for the first Column.)

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!