Save the date! A chat with Coda CEO, Shishir

A new year means reflection and looking forward to the days ahead. Join me and Shishir for a conversation about key learnings from the past, trends for the future, and plenty of time for your questions.

Save your spot here.

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If you missed the session, you can still be part of the action!

:movie_camera: Watch the replay here!
:notebook: Add what you would most like to see in 2020 here!

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Can’t vote by users ?

Hi @Steve_Yang! Can you tell me more about the issue you’re having? I want to make sure I fully understand so I can help. Thanks!

Steve you are in view mode (visible in your image), you need to click the button (was I believe top right) that says open as user or something like that, to be able to add a row or vote.

@maria feel like an idiot honestly - here I thought I knew Coda, and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to switch from “view mode” for this doc.


I think this was an accidental locking issue. Should be fixed now. You’re not wrong @GJ_Roelofs!

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