Search box doesn't work

I am using a template, so have no idea what the code is behind it. Originally the template—House Cleaning/Moving Tasks—did not show completed tasks, which was great. Then suddenly, it started showing all tasks, complete or incomplete.

I believe I got into trouble when I typed “shade” into the search box I had created. The search box sorta disappeared, and now, even when I recreate the search box, it doesn’t seem to filter tasks as it once did.

Is there anything I could read or watch that might help me?

Thanks - from a “newbie” to Coda and a Coda lover!

Hello @Dorothy_LaMark ,

When you recreate the search box, you have to go to the filter of the tasks table and make sure the formula/filter is using the new search box.

If you don’t know how to do that I can help you if you share your doc with me (don’t publish it unless you want to share it with the entire community). Obviously I don’t know how confidential the date in your doc is, but I am used to working with private/confidential data and I won’t put your trust to shame.