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I have a drop down select field that allows the user to select a name from the Team Members table.
Beside this field I would like to have another field that is automatically populated with the email address (also from the Team Members table) that corresponds with the name of the Team Member chosen in the select field.
I’m not sure how to do this and any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Chris_Hall

Please find a screenshot.
In your page just type People.Filter(Name=[select 1].ToText()).[Mail Adress] adapted to your Team Members Table, assuming in my case select 1 is your select field.



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Hi @Chris_Hall and Happy Birthday :birthday: !

Depending on what type of canvas control you use (If it’s a lookup select control), maybe something like this might be sufficient :blush: :

YourSelectControl.[Email field]

Otherwise, as @Quentin_Morel suggested, Filter() will probably help :blush:


Perfect! This worked ! Thank you!

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