Select list changes calculation in columns


I am building out a commercial real estate property calculator and was wondering if it’s possible for a selection in one column from a select list can be used to change the calculations elsewhere and if so what the formula might be?

Basically, commercial real estate can be rented in three conditions:

“Gross Lease” means Landlord carries all the insurance, taxes, and common area maintenance
“Modified Gross Lease” means Landlord carries one or more of the three expenses listed above
“NNN” or Triple-Net means the tenant is responsible for all costs.

I am trying to do a select list for a deal and depending on which style of lease it is certain data from certain columns is either included or excluded in the final calculation output.

Appreciate the help!

Hey Rocky, SwitchIf() will work in this case. With a conditional column called “Condition” (your lease style), SwitchIf() will allow you to display a different cost depending on the user’s Condition selection (ML, MGL, or NNN).


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