Select List options & group ordering


I’m puzzled by a small mystery, a feature I see in a few example templates that I can’t reproduce.

In the Product Launch Hub template, the Tasks.Status column is a Select List. The “Format Column” view looks like this:

Note how the select options appear as a mini-table with drag-to-reorder rows. This ordering is important because if you group by this column, the order of the groups is dictated by this ordering (supposedly, according to the help text – in practice I don’t see this happening, maybe it’s a bug?).

How is this set up? I can only make a Select List column with either a) comma-separated options, or b) a formula referencing a separate table that stores the select options (which doesn’t result in the drag-to-reorder list).

What’s the trick to getting the drag-to-reorder little implicit table thing?


Hah that’s interesting! Could it be that it’s some beta feature that is only implemented in this template? I cannot replicate it.


I’ve seen it in at least one more template – the “Getting Started with Coda - Manage a Big Project” template that you get during onboarding. (I can’t find it anywhere else to link to, sorry…).


You guys are right! that feature isn’t ready to graduate yet - existing docs that used that feature (like this template) would keep showing it but you wouldn’t be able to create one until the feature is ready.


Ah ha! Thanks for clearing that up.