Selectable Filter from Cross-Doc Tables Needed

Here is my issue. And summarized below.

  1. We use a master database with tables serving as a single source of truth for various areas such as employee information and business playbooks. This database also aids in our task management and time management.
  2. Our managers request the creation of playbooks based on their needs. They first check the existing playbooks, filter by their area of interest, check if the playbook is created or approved for creation, and either up the priority or request a new playbook if it isn’t listed.
  3. The current process for requesting and managing playbook creation is within the master document. However, I want this process to be outside of this document.
  4. I’ve created a separate playbook request process using Cross-Doc. However, this system doesn’t support the same filtering capabilities as the original process. (as much as I understand)
  5. Lastly, I’m also concerned about the visibility of categories in the new system. I don’t want managers to have to scroll for a long time to find specific categories. In essence, I want a more intuitive and efficient way for managers to view and select available options.

For playbook submissions, you could create a form view of your table and have people use that for requests/submissions. This lets you take advantage of only showing a form, but also having access to everything in the doc you might need. Check through the “Privacy settings” in the form settings to make sure you allow access to things like relation columns if you need them.

If you have quite a few categories, you could create a hierarchy of tables where you have

  • Categories - a top level categories table
  • Subcategories - a sub categories table that has a relation column that looks to the Categories table

Then assign each subcategory to a top category and you can use it to filter down your results as you choose each.

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