Send a message with Numbered List into Slack

Hi Coda community,

We send some summary messages on a weekly basis into Slack from Coda using automation task. The only problem we face is that message that is being send to Slack doesn’t contain numbered list that we see in Coda. Does anybody know if there’s any chance to add numbered list in the Slack message?


I do this with slack by using Character(10) and a unicode number for each new line, it looks like this:

Concatenate("Hi ",thisRow.[POC for this Session]," for your ",thisRow.[Topic]," Meeting today, please make sure ",character(10),"① You have a topic",Character(10),"② You have linked the deck/doc you are going to present",Character(10),"③ You have assigned a note-taker from your team",Character(10),"You can add these all on coda at ",thisRow.[ Link to this row])

I hope this helps