Setting up GA4 not working

Does anyone know how to get GA4 and coda to be streaming? Is Coda not updated to the GA4 new requirements and thus right now it’s not even possible? I have my Measurement ID available and it’s in the Coda publishing section. Since it’s a simple copy/paste I’m not sure where it’s going wrong except that Coda doesn’t have the capabilities of processing GA4 data?

Anyone else able to set up this integration?

I have had successfully received data in GA4 from my published Coda pages until recently.

Now it doesn’t work. “No data is available”.

I haven’t changed anything on the side

So weird. I set it up about 3 weeks ago, is that about the same time you found it to drop off?

Feels like a coda <> GA4 problem? It’s basically a 1 line set up?

I’ve reached out to Coda support, and they told me that there was a problem, seemingly on GA4 side (:person_shrugging:), and suggested me to delete and add back the property in GA4.
The same day I’d sent them the request, data started flowing again.