Sharing an action list with clients... the easy way?

Hey all,

What are your opinions on the best way to share an ‘actionable’ task list with clients.

When I say actionable, all I want them to be able to do is add notes to a text field, select from a dropdown and press a button.

My ‘wants’ are:

  1. Simplicity - I’d rather them not have to sign up to Coda if they don’t have to.
  2. It has to be a stand-alone list, with no way of accessing the master doc.

Current options I can think of

  1. Cross-doc ➝ then share the doc with them with commenting rights (my concern is the ability for them to access to the ‘back-end of the doc’).

  2. Publish page ➝ I can’t seem to be able to share the URL and have the table ‘actionable’.

  3. Not ‘Coda’ connection ➝ I setup webhooks to update between the tables. My concern is this is involving ‘another’ piece of software (another breaking point).

Any ideas?