Sharing and editing without a login

Is there a way to accomplish this natively within Coda yet or is it in the release pipeline?

I may have to switch back to Notion.


Any news here? As already mentioned, this is a total dealbreaker for many use cases.


In my line of work, a client once quipped about this. He said, “How can an application as advanced as you think it does not have a way to share and interact with a document without registering?” This case study was about a client portal, and in some cases, there was an urgent need to edit documents without registering. Many clients didn’t want to register with Coda to do several small but significant actions.


I’ve had this need a few times.

Quite embarrasing really, I spent all this time gathering data into Coda about my dad who was sick and I wanted the family to help manage his affairs, accounts, etc. I wanted everyone to be able to add various information and so forth. I sent out the link and find out nobody wants to create accounts, and they all went back to sending emails blasts and group phone texts.

I know this could get complicated with granular controls, like access rights at the module or widget level (e.g. you can add rows to a table but not edit any of its structures), and 100 other possible variations.
Even so, working on a doc via share link without an account would be mighty nice to share with clients too.

We could even have things like read-only documents where the person could then “request access” to get an editable link by permission. This could be in cases where the edit ability is limited in time and expires, and then they could request access again if needed. It would help prevent a page from being edited again far in the future after the project or notes are considered finished.

You already have the system of “suggest an edit”. This could be used by those anonymous viewers to suggest changes to be approved even if they aren’t granted full edit access by default.

Just some thoughts!


What do you pay for that enables this?

Completely agree. I have to send all my clients emails instead of links to coda docs. I had planned to use coda as a customer hub. But if the customer has to login they won’t use it. Coda really needs to think outside their box and think about real use cases instead of tech industry only.

Yeah, when I first learned of Coda and really got into it, my thoughts of having a “share space” w/family members were immediately dashed when seeing that people needed to create their own accounts for the sharing / minimal editing / form filling aspects of it all.

I haven’t looked back since…