Shippo or other shipping carrier packs

Does anyone know of any (or plan to make) packs for shipping carriers like Shippo? Looking for a pack to create shipping labels and send them to our vendors.

This sounds like a request for a new Pack! I have moved your post into the Making Packs section of the Community. In the meantime, can you please request a Pack here?: Request a Pack

Hey there! I’ve actually already built a pack for EasyPost which is Shippos direct competitor.

I believe a simple version of it is already published, but I’ve made a more feature rich one that simply is private.

Let me know if you’d use it and what features you want/need and I can update and release it!

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Hi Scott!
That is wonderful news! We are looking for the pack to

  1. Create a shipping label (and a return label) using the info we have in coda
  2. Results/pulls associated tracking numbers and shipping labels

I wasn’t able to find the simple version of EasyPost in the packs but would love to use it.

Great! I’ll see what I can do to get it up and running! Can you DM me your email so I can discuss a little further?

You can also email me directly at

sure thing!

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