Should I create another table?

Hey Coda community! I’m really new to Coda and was hoping someone could help guide me through this problem I have been having!

So in the screenshot above I log a session that collects info from each workout I do. For W1, 1 exercise is performed and the proficiency level for that exercise is saved as 4/5 which works perfectly. The issue arises in a situation such as W2 where more than 1 exercise is performed in that session. Thus if I train multiple exercises each with distinct proficiency levels, how could I have the table reflect the individual proficiency level for each move, while keeping it categorized under the same workout? The same question then follows for the hours trained column where I would like to be able to track the amount of time spent on each exercise and not the aggregate duration of both

Hey @juan_ordonez ,

Just make separate W2 record for each exercise and right-click on the Workout column to group on this column.
You can also make an extra column for hours trained per session and group that as well. That way, you can see the hours trained per session, but also the hours trained for each exercise.

Next time, please share your document (or a dummy document) so we can make some changes to show you what happens.


Like so:

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