Slides generation

Hello All,

I need to send slides containing data that I have in coda. unfortunalty I need to send either a powerpoint presentation either a google slide.
I start a script that create my slides in google with the API but I wonder if there is a way to do it directly in coda ?

Salut Alexandre,

Did you consider the option ‘play’ and building the doc in a mobile first way?

bàt, Christiaan

Hello @Christiaan_Huizer,

I am sorry but I did not get your answer. can you please tell me more ?

hi @Alexandre_Husset , you can share the doc in play modus, create a kind of mini website, this might be a good alternative to any presa in slides or PP.

Yes I considered this but if I am doing this the person that will have the link can send it to others…
I do not think there is a way to create a website with a private access in order for me to control who can access.
I was thinking about embeded it in another website but it is another integration.
I will try what you told me and think about other solutions also but it can be a quick win in order to start :wink:
thanks @Christiaan_Huizer

What about screenshotting each page and adding the screenshots to your presentation?

Hello @Connor_McCormick unfortunatly this solution is not possible because I want to automate.
I found a solution I will share it soon when It will be finish