Solution to create a log of comments or data points

I ask a lot of questions here, and I don’t often feel like I am able to offer much value in return…but I did figure out how to do something that might be useful to others.
I have a running list of 30 stocks I watch throughout the day and wanted to find a way to be able to easily keep a log of dated comments and observations about the stocks that was both easy to see for reference and also easy to add additional comments to.
Since doing this for the stocks, I now find myself adding this kind of log to all kinds of tables to be able to log of all kinds of different data points within my tables.
Here’s what I did for the comment log as a framework:
I created a field called Date.
I created a field called Comments
I created a button.
In the button I modify rows for the table, apply the modification to “This Row” and update two values:
Date = Now()
Comments =
“{1}/{2}/{3} {4}: x{5}{6}”,

Now I get a running log that looks like this, including new dated entry that I can add comments to by deleting X:

12/19/23 4:22 AM: x

11/17/23 12:31 AM: Blah blah blah

10/1/23 9:24 PM: Blah blah blah

9/23/23 11:31 AM: Blah blah blah

I hope this is helpful for someone.

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