Split out Lookup Field - Making a quick invoicing workflow

Hello again Coda Community,

I have actually embeded a demonstrative document below. Here’s what I’m trying to do with it:

  • Retain the multiple select in “Product” field.
  • Use a formula to break out the different links in “Products”

It might seem redundant but here’s what it’s for: My employees can write the invoice in coda and pull products from the actual workflow. Integromat/Zapier will then be able to pull the data from the “invoice” in Coda and write it to Quickbooks/Wave. However, the data for each product needs to be in it’s own columns, but for simplicity I’d like to have one field where they search for recent orders for the customer (I have all the filtering figured out for this already) and they add multiple products. I need a forumla to break out the products from the lookup column into their own columns (which I can hide, but pull data from in Wave/Quickbooks to form line items).

One possible option would be to use a formula that can break out comma separated values.

Do you know of any such formula that would work?