SSO / SAML add on

Is anyone planning a SSO plugin that would work with enterprise Microsoft365 logins?

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Hi Jasmine,

For something like SSO integration with Microsoft, this would have to be something implemented on our end rather than by the community.

We don’t have an ETA at the moment for supporting accounts besides Google (part of the reason is we’d also have to support something besides Google Drive for organizing the files and allowing sharing), but it is something we’re looking at supporting longer term.

That being said, are you thinking of using Coda with Microsoft/O365 besides just as a login method?

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HI there, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I would implement it alongside 365 in the same way that Confluence is used as a wiki / Sharepoint alternative - but of course Coda is much better!!

I can see this working really well without you needing to support file sharing etc - Sharepoint / Teams actually does an okay job of that if you’re stuck with it, and is usually the company line.
(Would be nice to be able to embed Sharepoint file lists in a Coda doc but that’s just a plugin once SSO is sorted.) What is desperately lacking from the Enterprise collaboration effort is a decent wiki - with embedded spreadsheets :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of how I would use Coda out of the box for all project teams - but will never take off / be allowed without 365 SSO. (Also there’s no ‘public’ link for Coda docs right now and we wouldn’t want stuff public anyway.)

You can see Trello, Confluence, another Roadmap product tool are all pulled into Microsoft Teams just to get a decent project space going - but all these could be replaced with Coda, and the Files shows the Sharepoint files (which there should be way fewer of, cos Docs are Dead, right?)

External apps can be added into Teams channels by users so easily like this - with SSO if the user is logged into Teams, they will be able to see the Coda docs just like that.


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Happy to Skype or something if you ever want to do some user research about this problem

@Jasmine_Wilkinson, thanks! Sorry, this fell off my radar. That’s definitely a cool use case, though there are still a couple technical challenges that’d have to be addressed before Coda could actually work with O365/Teams:

  • Without supporting file sharing, docs would only be openable by their owner. For us to work in the O365/Teams environment, we’d have to build out an integration that would work with it, which we just haven’t had the resources to work on just yet
  • Microsoft Teams actually works by using its own version of Google Chrome under the hood. However, this version is outdated, and currently does not support Coda, so we have to wait for them to catch up

Again, longer term we’ll look into supporting SAML/SSO besides Google, but it’s something we have to do on our end. Do keep an eye out in the future, though - we’ll be sure to make it clear when we support other sign-in methods and integrations.

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I would also love to use Coda at work instead of MS Planner or Trello, but we can’t use it until it has O365 integration and/or SSO/SAML. Is there any news on that front? I understand its a big change from Google apps and will take a lot of time/resources. If you can give an estimated timeline on when we could expect it, it would help to know how long we’ll have to wait for Coda. :slight_smile:

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Hi Kat, we still don’t have an exact ETA on SSO/SAML but it’s an active item on our roadmap, especially as it’s a requirement for many enterprise users. We’ll be sure to announce when we have support for it.

@oleg looking forward to this! Any updates re timeframe you can share for 365 SSO?

Hello folks,

Good news for you! We shipped SAML SSO support in December, so this is ready for Enterprises to use now.

@jaime posted a blog article on this in mid December:


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What?! This is huge! :smiley: