"Stickies": Free-form layout of cards on a canvas


stickies.io is a great little tool that replicates the experience of writing on stickies (post-it) notes and arranging them on a whiteboard. Use cases include mind mapping, brainstorming, clustering similar ideas into topics, experimenting with schedules and sequencing, and using spatial layout and distance as a mnemonic feature.

I’d love to see this in Coda. I think you’re pretty close, actually, with two changes:

  1. Add an option to keep embedded rows expanded into their card view (ideally, a customizable view with full Layout capabilities! awesome).
  2. Make embedded items (rows, cards, tables, charts!) re-positionable on the canvas by dragging.

What could possibly go wrong!?


I’m fully supporting this idea!!! It has already been suggested, especially a mindmap style.