Stripe Pack under construction 🚧, beta access available!

Hi community!

Me again with a new Pack that I am building, in this case is a Stripe Pack that will allow you to sync products, subscriptions, customers, prices and more with your Coda doc.

It is currently in beta and I am giving access to a small set of users so they can try it out, report bugs, share feedback and give them the chance to ask for features :slight_smile:

If you want to be part of that small set of users, please let me know!



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Hi Leandro, I’m interested in joining your beta if it’s not too late.

The main use case for me is the ability to monetise the app I have created (a self coaching app containing a bunch of self coaching exercises).

I currently use Stripe in a very manual way, invoicing customers for coaching sessions - so not sure if I meet your beta test requirements - but let me know if I can help


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Sent you a private message :slight_smile: