Stuck with Formula on PT Score Tracker

I am attempting to create a physical training test score tracker that pulls the score from different tables (Male PRT or Female PRT) based on gender and age. I’ve attached a screen shot for reference with my formula which sort of returns the correct score for Row 1, but incorrect for Row 2 based on age provided.



Can you share a screenshot of the table [Male PRT All]?

Thanks for taking a look. I’ll have to also do formula(s) for each age group and gender


I’m headed out the door, so I’ll just leave this here and hope it keeps you moving forward. I’ll check back later.

This logic should work (but I did it in a rush so you may have to fiddle with it).

IF(age >= 18 AND age < 25 AND Gender = "Male",Lookup([Male PRT All],[Sit-ups 20-24],[sit-ups]).[Percentile],"different demographic")

Once you get this logic expression working, then you’ll likely want to build it out into a larger SwitchIf() statement to allow for different genders and age groups. :point_down:


Thanks, I’ll work with it soon as well!