Subtasks in a task


I wanted to build myself a personal task management system on Coda and I got stuck on the subtask implementation. I’m currently using another outlining tool and I do not want to define a project in advance - I would just want to enter some details under a task, each of which could be completed.
I’m still starting my work on Coda, so sorry if I have missed something.


If you want to use one table, you could group your main tasks and have sub tasks to those groups.

With the new layout feature, you could also create a detail view and add a sub table to each row entries but you would need two tables.
The best way to think this one, is that your main task should be a lookup that could be assigned to each sub tasks and in return in your detail view, one column should be a look up too, to show on the sub table.


Thanks! That sounds useful. Let me explore this!


I am trying to do the same thing and was going to use a button in the row to create the subtask. When the button is clicked it would incrementally increase the value of the “index” column. These indexs would then be used to establish the relationship between the parent task and child task. I am having trouble getting the formula for the button to work.


Hey @tomavatars,
I would be very interested to see some screenshots of how you’re doing this. :pray:
I’m not quite following your written description.


@Ander for which solution do you need screenshots?
The first one is easy. Create a table with one column called tasks another called subtasks.
At the header of task, right click and click on group column to left.
This way you’ll have tasks as groups and subtasks as rows.


@tomavatars Your second solution.


Here’s one interpretation of @tomavatars’s second solution.

Two tables:

Detail view: