"Tables everywhere"

Idea: Tables everywhere. Select text in a doc, right-click, “Add to table”, then select which table to add it to. A popup opens to set all the other cell settings. The table cell pulls that text as a variable into the cell. The text continues to exist in-line, without a table view needed.

Other names for this: In-line view of cell content. In-line cell.

Similar implementation: span and #id in HTML code.

Example use case: Highlighting meeting notes. There are to-dos scattered throughout the meeting notes. Rather than re-write all the to-dos in a particular order at the top of the notes, go through and highlight each to-do item. Select “Who” it belongs to. Pop in a view of the table at the top of the notes.

Way too out-of-this-world, or another way to make Coda unexpectedly, fabulously functional?