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Hi all - looking for some advice and not sure this is even possible, but I’m trying to build a way for early-stage startups to enter a listing in a form, for that listing to be tagged, and then investors who’s tag selection matches would receive an email with multiple listings that apply to any tag they requested.

I get how I can separate and match the two aspects - tagged preferences matched to submitted listings, and can view a filtered view, but don’t know if it’s possible to then generate an email (gmail pack is fine for testing) that would send multiple emails of each custom view to each recipient (upon me pressing a button after reviewing the listings of course).

The closest analogue I can think of is in real estate. If you go onto a real estate listing site and set an alert for everything you’re looking for - size of property, location, whether it has parking, etc. You then get a summary email daily, weekly, etc with all ones that matched your search.

Coda gods: do you think this is possible to configure in Coda? If so, any jumping off points that I should start looking at?

Thanks so much!

Hi Robert,

Welcome to the community!

Short answer, yes what you are looking for is completely possible. However, as I always say to newcomers, play around with Coda first. It is very different to anything you have encountered before. While extremely easy to use, it is not easy to master. It takes practice and experience.

Ok, ramble over.

There is a template associated with the Gmail pack, called RSVP xxx. That will give you an introduction on how to build email templates.

You can then use the ForEach() formula to iterate through the tags selected in the form, and send an email for each.

Good luck
Rambling Pete

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Thanks so much Pete - I’ll start my journey there. I’ve made email templates and used the gmail pack before but haven’t played around with ForEach() so that’s super helpful!

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