Team In/Out of Office Dashboard?


Has anyone made a good template for tracking a teams in person/ remote days?

Hi @Samuel_Langford

It’s not a ready-to-use template, but more a guideline to help you build your own tool.

Start by creating tables for people and another one for each day in the year :slight_smile:

Then I would create an Holidays table, with a people column, and begin/end date

I created a ListHolidays column that will list every day from start to end β†’ for each of this day, people will be out of office

Then, you can either display the result as a timeline like this :

Or retrieve data to Day table to list people who are there or not :

This is a very basic example for now, you could improve it to infinity, but please have a look on this example, tell me what you think and how you could make it your own




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