Teams task Document from two external sources

I am attempting to create a teams task document that collects and updates subtask from a project plan in a completely separate document, and imports (via webhook) new helpdesk tickets in Freshdesk (adds and changes “task name, status, ticket#” ). My goal is provide my team a 360 degree view of all task my team is working on in one plan of glass (project task, break fix task), and as a resource allocation tool.

Questions (sorry two weeks new to CODA-not a programmer):

  1. is what I’m attempting possible?
    2)Am I barking up the right tree, or should I rethink my approach
  2. Does anyone have an example of how this might be accomplished?

HI Ron,

welcome to Coda!

Is this a completely different Coda document or a completely different app, like BaseCamp or MSProject.

Depending on the above, the responses would be very different.

I do not think that you are barking up the wrong tree. Coda may have started out as a document on steroids, but it has grown incredibly powerful.

There are many project management examples, integrating with different other tools, showcased here:


The Project plan task are in a CODA document. I plan on using a webhook to collect the Freshdesk application data into a task list.

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