Template - Common Lists of Information in a Coda-Ready Format

I published a template with a selection of common information pre-populated into Coda tables. Such information includes numbers, letters (US - English), planets, elements, and more.

While most of the information is easy to find online, it is not always in a format that easy to manipulate in Coda table.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.


thx @Joseph_B , did you consider adding metrics and a table to turn Kg into whatever exotic thing :wink:

Really interesting project @Joseph_B . We had a hackathon project a while back here at Coda where we pulled in thousands of data sets from a public data source (think population data, GDP, etc) and had them queryable as a Pack to them drop in as tables into a doc. This reminds me a lot of that.

I think there’s significant value to making this type of data easily viewable and queryable in Coda.


Intriguing idea. I’m not sure if I want to do live calculations, but I like the idea of basic metric conversions.

Thank you for the feedback, and good idea for the hackathon.

For more insight, one of the other reasons I created this template was due to missing some auto-fill features of Excel. e.g. In Excel you can β€œ1” β€œ2” β€œ3” in the first three cells of a column, and drag to extend that pattern as far as you need quickly. That is not available or suitable for Coda - even if there are workarounds to achieve the same result - so being able to copy unformatted numbers into a table quickly was helpful.

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