Template w/ tasks that start on day 1, 3, 10, 30 of project

I work for a marketing agency. I need a scalable way to copy my “master template” for each of our 50 clients.

I want to be able to copy the template, change the “start
date of relationship” row, and then that would change all of the start dates of all of the tasks.

I’ve tried using things like “= start date of relationship + 10 days” for a task that should be started on day 10, but it’s not working. This might also become very hard to change the date of a task in a table once the project starts, which would be bad news for my account managers.

My team LOVES Coda, but I think they’re really starting to hate changing EVERY date for every task when we copy the master template and start using Coda for a new client.

teamwork.com has this feature for their “task templates” and it’s ideal for agencies or anyone that knows what needs to happen what day of a new project / client.

See below for notes from this URL…

https://support.teamwork.com/projects/efficiency/task-list-templates*Adding tasks to a template**

Once you have created a new template, you can add tasks just like you add them to a task list in a project. In a template though, some of the options are slightly different:

  • Start date/due date : Within the task list templates you cannot set a specific date for the task start and due date. Instead, choose a day number, and when the template is used, the dates will be set counting from the day that you’re using the template

    • For example, if you set the start date for the template to Day 1 (Today), when you use the template the actual date set for the task will be the current date.

    • If you set a template task start date to Day 5, when you use the template, the actual date for the task will be the current date + 4 days.

Any help would be amazing!


I don’t think that I really understood your question, but on the off chance that I did, perhaps a date control would help you here?



Honestly, this is exactly what I was looking for!

You’re amazing!