Text crop and visualization bug?

When you place text in a cell, the text will be cropped with “…”. But when a formula puts out text, the cell is not able to crop the text correctly.

Same is when you load in text via formulas. (The Builder table loads in the text from the Templates table)


Another funny thing I realized by making the screenshot:
The left table “templates” is placed a few pixes lower then the table “builder”. I played around with tables and column types to find out why. It happens when one table has a column with a formula (builder.result), while the other has just plain text/dropdown columns (templates.code) in it.


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Thanks @Daniel_Stieber for reporting these!

We do have a few small inconsistencies in how we render different types of content as well as spacing, as you’ve seen. Helpful to know these specific ones for when we can clean these up in the future.