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Is there any way I could put some text or figures in the spotlight? Maybe with formulas? I wanted to make a page that summarizes the key indicators of a process, but I couldn’t find a way to write a big number at the top without using the Hn because it appears in the outline…

Thanks for your advices :smiley:

Hi @Aurelie_Pureur! We have something in the works to make this easier, but in the meanwhile, one option is to use code block formatting, as well as canvas columns.

Screen Cast 2022-08-15 at 12.10.04 AM

Here’s an awesome example from Community member @Jono_Bouwmeester:

His doc has all kinds of complex UI tricks you can use in Coda - feel free to check it out!


You are too kind, @kristen. Thanks for the mention x

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And here’s how to achieve the same outline effect but with a regular (not the “code block”) font:

Thanks for sharing, @Paul_Danyliuk!

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Thank you so much, this is EXACTLY what I needed :smiley: !

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